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About Me.

Turning a Wound into Light

I spent a lot of time in hospitals caring for my sick husband. During hospital visits, I would bring my watercolors along and paint while he slept. I left the paintings so he could see them when he woke up. Hospital staff showed them around and discovered that patients, relatives and caregivers felt they were helped by seeing my paintings. The idea that I can help people cope with challenging situations through my art is what keeps me working every day.

Influenced by Eastern philosophy and meditation my work Transmedia Portraits: The Inner Life of Centaurs” explores the tension that exists between the sense of the possibility of and obstacles to a relationship between the mind and the feeling.

Separations in the Silence series addresses the movement of energies during meditation.

During the pandemic, I lost my studio. I live in a small apartment in Manhattan and am unable to make large paintings,large sculptures or use potentially toxic materials.  My current series entitled The New Normal, is about the explosion of new words during the pandemic. This new vocabulary unites us as it helps to make sense of changes which have suddenly become part of our everyday lives. Inventive language illuminates our shared humanity.

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Sue Burickson

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