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I make ketubot. The earliest ketubah which dates from 440 B.C.E. was found in Egypt The ketubah is probably the oldest feminist marriage contract. Papercut is the original craft used in making ketubot. Designed to protect the wife in case of death or divorce from her husband and to express their marriage vows, the ketubah details in writing what she is entitled to.


I use very simple tools, knives and scissors. Each piece is cut from several layers of paper. I use archival materials and hand paint the accents. My designs are original.


I work in paper because the simplicity, flexibility, strength and variety of paper enables me to transform this material into two and three dimensional forms. The range of expression that is limitless. The craft of building and forming merges with the expression of the idea of sacred space. I address the idea that negative spaces are infused with meanings that are as important as positive space. The process is subtractive. Doing works in cut paper is the way I speak to this. 


My aim is to revive the ancient craft of cut paper, to modernize the ketubot designs and to support the marriage by creating a marriage contract of lasting beauty.

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Sue Burickson

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