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Transmedia Portraits

The Inner Life of Centaurs

You Need To Get A Life

Don't forget to turn on the sound.

The Centaur is a life size sculpture with embedded videos on cellphone and tablet. It  is part of the series entitled The Inner Life of Centaurs.

The videos playing in the head and the chest evoke the interplay of the head and the heart.

The Centaur is an ancient symbol of the two natures of man which has been referred to variously in many traditions as the carnal nature and the spiritual nature, the inner nature and the outer nature, the essence and the personality. There is a built-in contradiction between these two natures. The movement toward resolution of this conflict is the spiritualization of man.

This installation is accompanied by video projections. To view them, click on the videos tab in the menu bar.

 The Inner Life of Centaurs

Sue Burickson

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